Sports Day Essentials is a one stop shop for sports day tee shirts, socks and lots of cool accessories.  As busy working mums,  we know how tricky it can be sourcing sports day clothes and dress up’s in your team's colour. It's trying to find that elusive plain green tee shirt the week of sports day. That same tee shirt that you have seen on and off, in stores all year, is out of stock when you need it!  It's the same story for the striped knee high socks that kids love to wear on sports day.  Hair ribbons - never around in your colour and coloured hairspray - available in every colour except yours! As children get older, they want to take things to the next level with coloured tutus, fishnet gloves and giant sun glasses – and the list goes on.

We decided to gather up as many of these products as we could and offer them all in a one store shopping experience.  Shop from the comfort of your home (with a wine in hand), and have it delivered to your door. We offer flat rate delivery or Express Post if you need your order in a hurry.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you would like any further assistance about our products please don’t hesitate to contact us.