Adelaide Warehouse Pickup


Adelaide click and collect orders are available Monday - Thursday 10.00 am - 12 noon from our warehouse located at 1/145 Tolley Road, St Agnes, Adelaide.  We are opposite the bus depot and crash repairer, and in the same building as "Home Energy Storage" (we share a warehouse).

As we are not a retail shop, and do not work from our warehouse every day, it is important to nominate a day and time for collection and we will confirm if this is suitable, or arrange an alternative time with you if necessary.

Please follow these steps to place your pickup order:-

  1. Enter the discount code PICKUP prior to check out - this will deduct the $8 shipping fee from your order
  2. Enter your preferred pickup day and time in the comments box. 
  3. Once we have received your order we will SMS you to confirm that your order is ready and your pickup time is confirmed or arrange an alternative time with you.

If you are unable to pickup your order between 10.00 am - 12.00 pm Monday - Thursday, then please choose to have your order delivered.